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Train a CNN model to identify captcha code with TensorFlow and Keras

In the last post (Automatically fill in captcha code in course selection system), we exploited the "Play Audio" button function to obtain the captcha code in the course selection system from my college. Today, we will be going through another approch to identify the captcha code by training a CNN model with TensorFlow and Keras.

A captcha code from the course selection system.


Install Needed Packages

Below are the environment and package versions that I perform the training in this post.

MacOS 10.14.6
Python: 3.7.3
numpy: 1.18.0
scikit-learn: 0.22
TensorFlow: 2.0.0
Pillow: 6.2.1

If lacking any of these packages, just simply install them with the following commands.

NumPy: pip install numpy
scikit-learn: pip install scikit-learn
TensorFlow: pip install tensorflow
Pillow: pip install Pillow

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