Nice to meet you. I’m Andy, a vigorous software developer.

The formation of my passion in coding can be dated back to my middle school year, the first time I learned to use cheats in an online game called Maple Story. The cheat scripts were written in assembly language and injected into the memory to manipulate the game. Although I couldn’t read assembly at that time, I was astonished by that mysterious piece of code that can instruct computers to do arbitrary operations. Since then, I have been attracted by how computers work and started learning to code, wishing I could write cheat scripts and provide them to others some days in the future too.

Although I still don’t master assembly and seldom play online games nowadays, however, the passion in coding still remains. The passion now turns into keep learning computer-related stuff and writing tech blogs. This is how this site comes from. Hoping this site can be helpful to anyone who is in the same boat.

(My Maple Story character in the good old memories.)